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Day 14

Posted by on July 1, 2012

Day 14
Canada Day July 1, 2012
Last night we ate out at the Le Nautique restaurant. I don’t know if they are intentionally slow or if they were swamped and not well staffed because of the holiday but it was way too long to get dinner and we were getting tired of the French sing alongs.
(not recommended)

Sunday, a pleasant day and our last full day in Canada. There is still a festive atmosphere with original French rock music blaring from the local park behind the marina. It was all free and we made our way up there. We had an overpriced ice cream and got to see the musicians up close.
Tonight there will be fireworks over the St Jean Harbor and we have front row seats. It is always a pleasure to see fireworks on the water from a boat. We managed to do some laundry and reprovision at an IGA before starting our trip south. Much to our surprise there was a group of hot air balloonist that went by. There is a late summer festival/competition here for ballonists but we never expected to see them now.

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