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Day 7: The Locks!

lock 1
Posted by on June 25, 2012

Left Castleton Boat Club after refueling. Approximately 3 hours later we hit our first lock the Troy NY, Federal lock. Got through without a hitch.    We did stop at Waterford, the gateway to the NY canal system.  After provisioning at a price chopper that had its own dock we continued north.   Lock 2 encountered some surge but we managed to get through with minimum yelling.
Lock 3 we ended up sideways in the lock, with maximum yelling. Note: there is an echo in the empty lock. We reverted to our successful method from lock one and managed to get through it quietly and calmly.
Right now we are enjoying well deserved premo margaritas in Mechanicsville NY. A nice little town that offers free boater tie-ups with elect and water.

Just met some boaters tied up behind us who having been traveling for a year, with 4 children.  They left from France on a 40′ sailboat, the Blue Moon… And We thought we had  come far. TB

4 Responses to Day 7: The Locks!

  1. clearwater

    We are at Fort Edwards. Stopped around 4:30. Walked around the town, which brought us to 4:31. Set my watch ahead, it is now 5 o’clock, time for vino!

  2. attitudeadjustment

    I am glad you made it throught the locks…they are really fun but can be challenging. We are in Coyemmans Landing Marina now to do a few things….fix hot water leak, shower pump and lunch with a few cold beers…sometimes you just need an attitude adjustment.
    I forgot to tell you whan I saw you last how to add pics …..when you are on the new post page right above the large description block there is an Upload/insert with a camera/music notes …hit that and you can browse for your pic…then do what is asked so you should be able to insert pictures. Have a great time and safe travels.

  3. Jojo

    Hi Mary! Sounds like you are having a successful fun excursion! What is a lock?

    • clearwater

      It is a spot on the river that has a large “container” you drive your boat into. You then tie up your boat. Water enters and raises you up to follow the contour of the land approximately 20-75 feet. It is a great way to go up a steep hill. There is always a waterfall next to a lock. Tom drives in then I have to work the lines so we stay next to the wall because water is coming in fast. We finally figured out the best system after 4 locks, with a good amount of yelling. Hope you are having a good summer.